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Whether you’re a teacher or the parent of a young baby or toddler, or if your child’s already in school, we’ve got articles and advice to guide you:

    • When should I start reading to my baby?
    • What are the best ways of teaching reading and spelling?
    • How do I teach phonics?
    • How can I support my children if they are struggling with reading or spelling at school?
    • How should I teach my child to write?
    • What can I do to help my child develop reading comprehension?
    • Should I teach my toddler to read?
    • Is it a good idea to teach my toddler letter names?

We created this site to help you answer these questions and many more.  And we’re also adding new printable resources every month that are free to download, so come back and visit us often.

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Children pick up basic literacy skills long before they start school – if they get the right stimulation. Learn what you should do and what to avoid.
Father reading to son
Read about the different approaches to teaching reading and learn which methods are most effective. Improve your child’s vocabulary and comprehension.
Child handwriting
If you want to help your child with their writing or spelling, these articles will explain how you can do it simply and effectively.
Children struggle with reading and spelling for a variety of reasons. Learn more about the causes of literacy problems and the most effective treatments.
Starfall Learn to Read
Discover the best free phonics websites and see our reviews of popular reading programmes.
A-Z Letter sound sheets
Free phonics and phonological awareness activities, games, worksheets and printable resources for reading and spelling.

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