Free Phonics and Phonological Awareness Worksheets and Printable Resources

Instantly download our appealing free phonics and phonological awareness worksheets and resources. Easy-to-follow, effective activities to improve reading and spelling.

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Identifying Words in Sentences Activity Sheet

Identifying words in sentences Activity Sheet
Help your child highlight or circle each word in these simple sentences.

Click on the image to download it as a pdf document.

Rhyme Activities

Rhyming Words Activity Sheet

Click on the following link to access the rhyming words activity sheet.

Rhyme Sorting Activity

Rhyme sorting activity
Cut out the pictures and help your child sort them into groups that rhyme.

Click on the image to download it as a pdf document.

Odd One Out Rhyming Pictures

Odd One Out Rhyming Pictures
Help your child decide which words in each row rhyme and which one doesn’t.

Click on the image to download it as a pdf document.

Syllable Activities

Handy List of Simple 1 and 2-Syllable Words

Handy list of 1 and 2 syllable wordsYou don’t have to think of suitable examples on the spot with this handy list.

Click on the image to download it as a pdf document.

List of 2-syllable Words

The words in this resource are arranged in different groups so you can choose the most appropriate examples for the blending skills of your children. 

The list includes simple compound words, simple 2-syllable words with regular spellings and more complex 2-syllable words with digraphs or alternative sounds for the vowels.

Click on the image below to access the list.

2-syllable words

How Many Syllables Activity

How many syllables
Ask your child to tick the correct number of syllables for the object in each picture

Click on the image to download it as a pdf document.

Sorting Words by Syllables Activity

Sorting words by syllables Activity
Cut out the pictures in each category and sort them according to the number of syllables in each word.

Click on the image to download it as a pdf document.

Animal Alliteration, Alliterated Alien Names, Alliteration Café and Silly Soup Alliteration.

Click on the following link for a variety of free, fun alliteration worksheets that will draw kids’ attention towards the sounds in words…

We’ve made several sets of free printable CVC word lists.  They’re ordered in a variety of ways so you can use them for different purposes.

Adjacent Consonant Cluster/Blends Words Resources

Definitions, examples and free printable word lists for CCVC, CVCC, VCC, CCCVC, CCVCC, and CCCVCC words.

Click on the following link to our article on adjacent consonant clusters/blends to access the free printable resources.

CCVC words
CCVC words
CVCC words
CVCC words

A variety of free downloadable activities and games to improve phonics blending skills.  CVC words and words containing adjacent consonants/consonant blends. Click on the images below to access these resources.

Schwa Sound Resources

See our article about the schwa sound and our article on how to teach the schwa sound for more examples and information on how to use these resources.

Schwa Sound List of Words

Schwa Sound List of Words
List of words with the schwa sound sorted into categories. Click on the image to download the document.

Find the Schwa

Find the schwa
Ask your students to read each word and highlight the schwa sound. Click on the image to download the pdf.

Example Sentences with Schwa Words

Schwa sound example sentences
Read each sentence and discuss where the schwa sounds are. Click on the document to download the pdf.

Free Printable Resources for High-Frequency Words/Sight Words and Tricky/Common Exception Words

Word lists, captions, activities and worksheets for high-frequency words/sight Words and tricky/common Exception Words.

High-frequency word list 1
common tricky-exception word list word
Common tricky-exception words arranged in groups with similar spelling patterns, sounds or meaning.
sentence substitution activity

See our article on High-Frequency Words and Tricky/Common Exception Words for access to these resources and an explanation of the terminology.

Further Resources:

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You might also find our article on Phonological/Phonemic Awareness Activities for Parents and Teachers useful.

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