Struggling Readers and Dyslexia

Children struggle with reading and spelling for a variety of reasons.  Learn more about the causes of literacy problems and the most effective treatments.

Understanding why your child might be having difficulties could be the first step towards helping them to improve.

Why Learning to Read is Difficult

Learning to read involves the development of a range of complex skills.  A greater awareness of why children find the process difficult can help parents become more sympathetic and patient with them.

Why Learning to Read in English is Hard

It’s generally accepted that it’s harder to master reading and writing in English than it is in many other languages.  We explore the reasons why in this article.

Why Do so Many Children Struggle With Reading?

The literacy skills of many children have been well below desirable levels in some countries for decades.  What’s more, interventions by governments and educationalists have often failed to deliver the expected improvements.   
Find out why so many children struggle with reading…


Some people argue that dyslexia is a gift while others consider it a major hindrance to learning.  There are also disputes about the definition of dyslexia and about its causes and treatments.   

We address these issues in this article…

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